10 SEO Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

Marketing your small business in today’s technology-driven world is a different game than those who marketed their business 10 years ago. Even two years, it was extremely different, SEO has changed a lot, key marketing techniques came and went with Google Algorithm’s updates. Since the internet is always changing, you will always need a new and improved strategy when it comes to SEO. Luckily for you, you can try these ten tips to help make your strategy that much better.

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Identify your target keywords

As I have said in the past, your SEO foundation will be your target keywords. You will need to base these keywords off your demographic, in-depth analysis of recent and current trends, which can provide you with keywords that have high traffic, with little to no competition.  The key is to create interesting content that keeps your readers’ attention. The better you are keeping the reader’s attention, the longer they will stay and you will increase your chances of them using your services.

Mobile friendly

As some of you know, mobile traffic is rapidly taking over desktop traffic. Of course, that can be scary for those who don’t know how to convert their desktop version of their website to a mobile-friendly website. Luckily for you, most hosting sites now offer a mobile friendly option, or even automatically come with that option.

Keep it simple

Most people have in their minds that simple is not as grand as making it stand out. Well, sometimes when creating content to market your small business, simple is better. You want to keep your content simple, because not everyone will know all the abbreviations, acronyms, about the industry you are in. You should have your content easy to understand, but also informative to those who have a background in your industry.

Market strategy

A marketing strategy is vital for your company. Your marketing strategy allows you to work with your final goal in your sight. Your marketing strategy should include social media, blog posts, targeted audience, and whatever else you will need in order to reach your final goal. However, as you continue on this journey, you may find yourself changing things, adding things, and taking away things. This is a perfectly normal thing to do.

Take advantage of infographics

The last couple of years, infographics are becoming more and more popular. They actually make up a large portion of content that is produced and shared on social media platforms. However, that is not a shocker because infographics are great for presentations, marketing, and catching their reader’s attention. With all this combined, it is a very effective tool to take advantage of.


I watched many small businesses forget about how important it is to prioritize their daily marketing tasks. Yes, all businesses need to learn this from the very beginning. In order to be successful with your marketing plan, you need to manage your time. You need to prioritize your tasks because some tasks may be more vital than others. Granted, all tasks should be done on the day you assign them, but without time management, you will fall behind.

Social media

There are many social media platforms today. There are over hundreds of million users who use these platforms daily. If your company isn’t on them, you are doing it wrong. Many consumers go straight to social media to find reviews, services, and products. This avenue is easy, cheap, and can get your brand out there.

Link building

Link building is important. This does not mean you go off and buy your links because that is illegal and Google can and will penalize you, which I hope you decide not to try your odds. However, the true link building takes time and energy. The more links you have to your site or blog, the higher you will rank. The important thing is to have links on sites that are relevant to your topic.

Relevant content

Your content should always stay relevant to what your business is all about. For some, that can be a very narrow. However, the reasons behind keeping all your content relevant is to help with link building. Yes, relevant content helps out more than you know.


Analytics will soon become your best friend. The number analytics provide will not lie, even if you think they are. These numbers will tell you all about your page’s failures and successes. Of course your successes are worth a celebration; however, your failures will allow you to see what you need to do to improve your site. Analytics will give you goals to set, and is a great resource when trying to come up with a brilliant marketing strategy.

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