Wait… You’re a Copywriter or a Copyrighter?

I love when I get asked, “What is a copywriter?” Want to know why? People tend to get copyrighter and copywriter confused, unless you are a writer yourself and know the lingo. This can be quite a task to explain it to my non-writing friends, but this can also be a valuable lesson to some.

Now copyrighting is the process of creative ownership of intellectual material. For instance, an article such as this one or even a book, that assigns a legal penalty for profiting from another’s work. In other words, this work is protected, by law, from plagiarism.

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Now, on the other hand, a copywriter is one who writes and edits copy or already written material. Some do this for a living while others dabble in this here and there. Most copywriters will develop content for websites, sales letters, articles, books, and other entertainment. You need to sell a service? Hiring a copywriter will be beneficial to you.

Even though I own Forever Writing I still call myself a freelance copywriter. I honestly do not know why. I guess I like the ring to the name. However, you can find me writing advertisements, websites, product descriptions, and many other things.

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Benefits of Hiring A Freelance Copywriter

As a marketer, you want your marketing resources to connect with each and every one of your customers on a private level, communicating real benefits that speak to their needs, wants, and desires. A practical and economical way of accomplishing this is to employ an independent copywriter. It will not only save you time, but it will earn you money in the long run.

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A freelance copywriter brings importance and a new perspective to your company. A freelance copywriter can see the added benefits of your products that you haven’t seen because the freelancer is not as familiar with the product as you and your employees are. The freelance copywriter can imagine what he or she would want from your company’s products or services and write the marketing materials from their perspective.

Hiring a freelance copywriter means you do not have to worry about offering health insurance or any other kind of employee benefits; thus, you avoid all employee expenses. All you have to do is pay the freelancer’s fee and the freelance copywriter is only working for you as long as you need their work.

Also, hiring a freelance copywriter will make you and your employees more productive. You will not have to worry about having high-quality marketing content, which will leave you and your employees to only worry about running your business.

Unlike your employees, who are specialists in a specific area, a freelance copywriter’s knowledge is broad-based. Exposure to numerous industries allows him or her to approach the project with a larger perspective. This means your products will be of high quality and you will not have to worry about grammar and context – something your employees might find uncomfortable and tedious – as a freelance copywriter would give these proper consideration.

A freelance copywriter does not have the same overhead as an advertising agency, so when the freelance copywriter does not have to worry about any exuberant lease or number of employees to pay. Therefore, you will receive high-quality copywriting at an affordable value.

A freelance copywriter has one main objective: to write sales copy that sells your product or services – sales copy that conveys the exceptional quality of your merchandise.

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