Special: August 11th

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Need content? Today, Forever Writing is offering a 500-word blog post for $5. Yes, you heard that right, $5 for 500 words. That equals out to $0.01 per word, which is an awesome rate. This deal is great for those who are looking to try us out, looking for cheap content, and overall get your blog some new, fresh content.

You are probably wondering if there is a catch, but there isn’t. All niches are welcome, there are no quantity limits either. You will get your content the way you want it. However, this deal will not last long. The deal expires August 11th at 11:59p.m.

Contact us here, or email us directly at service@foreverwritingteam.com for more information.


Giveaway?? Perhaps!

As we were wrapping up work yesterday, we were doing some thinking. Yes, you are probably thinking we do thinking everyday, but not this kind of thinking. As we are in our early stages as a company we decided to entice all of our lovely readers, followers, fan, and admire-es; yes we have all of those!! We decided once we get to get 25 followers on twitter, we will giveaway one free service.  The free service can be found on here and it is up to 500 words.Image

What does this mean to you? 

This means wonderful news to both you because you must get on your twitter follow _Foreverwritng! In order to participate in this giveaway we ask you to retweet one of our tweets about the giveaway.

When will we select our lovely winner?

We will select our lucky winner the day we get 25 tweets and to make it fair, we will use a randomize generator, so need to worry about playing favorites with all of our fans!