7 SEO Tools to Make Your Life Easier

I will admit, it is hard to keep up with all the SEO tools, gadgets, and trends. However, it is vital to test them out in order to see what features can help you and your business advance in the SEO world. This is insanely true when you think about all the tasks that can benefit your SEO process that can be time-consuming and complex to execute.

That is exactly why I would love to share with you seven SEO tasks that can now be completed with support of a few nifty tools.

Knowing Your Industry Traffic

One of the first things you need to do when launching your website or even starting your SEO campaign, is assessing the potential traffic and find out who are your competitors in your industry. This can be quite a daunting task, especially when you are new to the industry and don’t know much about it.

So if you have that deer in headlights look, SimilarWeb will be your new best friend. SimilarWeb will create an industry analysis report that will help you obtain information about traffic data for your industry.

However, these numbers should be used as references, not concrete, set in stone information.

Find Potential Keywords

To some, it seems that SEO revolves around keywords. Well, that is pretty much true. If you want to rank higher, and attract potential customers, you need to find new, fresh keywords from time to time.

As you know, that can sometimes be a long drawn out task, depending on the industry and how many competitors you have. However, Sistrix will help you through this task, when you don’t feel up to, but need to do it. With the Sistrix’s opportunities feature, you can have up to three competitors. The program will show you what keywords you are not using and where your competition stands using these keywords.


For those that don’t know, TF-IDF is also known as term frequency and inverse document frequency. TF-IDF can help you understand the proportions of certain keywords within a website are weighted compared to other websites. Besides keyword density, OnPage can help you increase your websites relevant keywords in search engines.  OnPage includes a nifty little tool that will monitor and analysis, term combinationas and variances that your competitors are using, but you are not. However, by concentrating on terms related to your main phrases/terms, you can easily increase your websites relevance for your desired topic.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is exporting the URLs crawled, and then process them with visualization tools. However, now you can have OnPage do the hard work. OnPage’s visualizer tool will allow you to generate internal link graph of any and all your websites. It will provide you with the functions to browse, show the relationship of your links, filter numbers, and follow a specific pattern.

This nifty tool is helpful because it will allow you to get a better understanding of how your site is internally linked. Remember a well-linked site does much better than a site that has broken links and no links.

All-in-one SEO

I know that gathering all the data when doing an SEO audit can be insanely long. Perhaps it has to do with the data from content, website’s technical optimization, current organic traffic, link popularity, and search engine rankings.

Thanks to URLProfiler, all that data can be obtained while combining a few other tools’ data. For instance, in order to locate all SEO metrics you will download your top pages from the search console tab, then you will want to import them to your Screaming Frog SEO crawler and have them crawled, essentially.

Once your pages are crawled, you will be able to import them back into your URLProfiler. There you will be able to select any other metrics you may want to see. Once you run URLProfiler you will get your results within a few moments. Your data will appear on a spreadsheet and obtain the information from all the tools’ you used.

Relevant Link Prospects Plus Desired Requirements Plus Direct Contact Information

You probably know that getting your hands on a list of sites that is relevant to your business, but when you are looking for authoritative sites, from a certain country, with public contact information can be more of a challenge.

Luckily for you, this can be done with a little help from LinkRisk tool. LinkRisk provides you with filter to get the sites that is highly relevant to use for your outreach.

Daily Rankings

You probably remember the time when you tracked your rankings for your keywords and your competitors. However, due to the ranking fluctuations, you will always have new competitors that were essentially, off the radar. You know what that means, it is nearly impossible to accurately identify your gains and losses compared to theirs.

Basically, once you got your ranking information, you had to analyze the pages to understand the reasons for your ranking. You did that to get your domain popularity, along with other data.

However, those days of working your butt off are long gone. You can use a tool such as SERPWoo. SERPWoo will take the top 20 results for your keywords. The tool will also include data such as social shares, page/domain popularity, etc. This will help you analyze the reasons for your ranking fluctuation.

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