Increase your website traffic with these 4 tips

I know your company is important to you. I know how hard it is to get good quality traffic coming to your website too. Of course, you’ve been probably scouring the internet to increase your traffic for the past few hours and haven’t found anything, but those get quick rich schemes for $99, am I right? Well, luckily for you, you found Forever Writing. Forever Writing specializes in SEO, which can also bring traffic to your site, but if you are looking for more of a do-it-yourself, here are four tips you can implement within 5 minutes.



When you are going to create content, you need to know the keywords people are going to use to search for said content. Every page should be built around the keywords that are vital to your company. This will require a lot of research and homework to perfect it.

Google can help you with your keywords. You know when you start typing into the search bar on Google, how it gives you suggestions for popular phrases and words people us to search. If you want to take it a little bit deeper, you can use the Google Keyword Planner, which will tell you all popular keywords. This tool will tell you pretty accurate numbers on how many average searches are performed on those keywords.

Image tags

Of course, the images are amazing, colorful, and add character to your website. However, in order for Google and other search engines to understand what the image are you need to tag your images. Basically, if there isn’t a tag or tags, Google will not know how to identify your image, and your image will be useless.

Meta description

A meta description can be found right under your URL on the search page. Its sole purpose is to give the consumer what the page is about, what will they learn, why should they click on it. You want your meta description to be engaging, truthful, and prompt the consumer to click on your link to find out more. It is wise to use call-to-action words such as “visit” and “learn” to engage people to find out why the information on your site is vital to their needs.


I cannot stress this enough. If you want to keep the consumer on your site, you need to backlink, backlink, backlink. You can backlink to your site, other content on your blog, and so much more. However, your backlinks should give your readers more useful information that can help build their relationship with you and your company. The more great information you provide, the more likely chance they will recommend your site and services to their friends and family.

These are just a few tips that can help you gain more traffic to your site. Of course, you won’t see the results overnight, but you will certainly relish the rewards later down the line.


Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends of 2013

Staying up-to-date on the latest marketing trends is never an easy job. New technologies, a new consumer purchase process, and other opportunities all influence the marketing aspect. While the top marketing trends tend to change, year after year, this year there are three trends that cannot be ignored. Social, local, and mobile marketing are a must, as well as content marketing and authorship.

Social, Local, and Mobile

There are more on-the-go customers now in this digital age. Social, Local, and Mobile is on the minds of every marketer. Customers are always using social media and checking out sites such as Yelp!, Foursquare, and TripAdvisor find things near their location, and most of the time they are on their mobile device. Depending on the industry you are serving and who your customers are, different networks and different tactics will need to be used. Take a look at your webmaster tools, such as Google Analytics, to see where your customers are coming from.

  • Tip for the wise: Get on all social media platforms and claim your business listing on Yelp!, Foursquare, and Google Local. Having your presence out there allows customers to locate you and your business and will be able to see what you are all about.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a top trend in 2013. Consumers are using the information that is readily available online to make decisions before they walk into a store. Studies have shown that 91% of B2B (business to business) marketers and 86 of B2C (business to consumer) marketers are using content marketing to reel in their customers. Marketers are using infographics, newsletters, videos, and much more.

  • Tip for the wise: Do not just jump into content marketing without having a strategy. Your strategy should focus on creation, curation, distribution, and measurement. A couple of questions you should ask yourself is what are their interests? What kind of content will be the most effective in reaching your goal?


Consumers want to feel a connection to your business. This human interaction can impact your consumers. If you are a small business or even a large business, you should make a big deal in getting to know your customers. This will give them a personal connection to you and your business and will likely refer people because they want a human interaction.

  • Tip for the wise:. Make sure you are tagging your name and posts with “rel=author” tag. Also make sure you are updating your “Contributor To” section located in your Google+ profile.

Marketing strategies are always evolving. Budgets and goals change regularly as businesses find out what’s working and what’s not. As with all aspects of your business, getting started with a new marketing strategy requires careful planning. Jumping in without a plan can cost your business a shiny penny, and chances are they will not leave you with the results you were hoping for.