Local SEO is vital to your business

Local SEO isn’t all about the mom-and-pop stores anymore. Basically, any business can reap the benefits that local SEO provides. Since Google did its update in 2014, the significance of local SEO is vital, many entrepreneurs focus their marketing strategy within their local community. Businesses who used local SEO before the update say they have seen a big increase after the update.

These moves are crucial because local SEO is vital to your marketing plan. However, over the years, I do believe that local SEO will continue to grow and be an important tool to every business, here is why.

Google thrives on local businesses

If you’ve done your homework properly, you will find out that Google has shown small amounts of favoritism to the smaller, newer companies. While most of its rankings have to do with the brand’s authority and history, Google also gives the people what they want; therefore, showing the more popular brands.

This all comes down to allowing small-business owners, who may only have limited resources to potentially break new ground. Google always provides free tools such as, Webmaster tools, Analytics, and so much more to help business owners increase their online traffic.

On-the-go searching

With all the phones, watches, tablets out there, you have to think your consumers will be performing a lot more on the go searches. They may be looking for a café within three miles or a café within a certain neighborhood. So, if you keep the local SEO in your marketing strategy not only will it boost your online presence, but it can also boost your presence for those on the go.

Competition is increasing

Every year, more and more businesses are opening up. You probably noticed that there a lot of businesses in your industry. However, that makes the competition that much more. Many business owners are finding even smaller niches just until they can get traffic online, but that doesn’t always need to happen. With a good marketing plan, you will see a huge difference.

These are just a few ways why local SEO is vital to one’s marketing plan. Of course, if done right, not only will have a great online presence, but you will also be searched locally too.