3 Ways Your Businesses Your Business Can Compete with Corporations in SEO

As the internet keeps involving, search marketing will keep growing popularity and one day be the main feature in our normal everyday routine. With that being said, just about every business in the world, big or small in every industry, has some sort of web presence, and they are all competing for the handful of positions at the top search-engine results pages.

Larger mega-corporations such as Home Depot, Target, and Walmart already has decades of content, millions of inbound links, and millions of loyal customers and online visitors, it is no brainer why they rank the top positions when people search for products. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, you will always have competitors who have been in the game a lot longer and tried a lot harder than you have to build their company up in the first few spots on the search engine.

You are probably trying to figure out how your small business with limited resources and experience can compete with that level of online supremacy?

Well, the answer is fairly easy, SEO. SEO is not about how much you have of it. It is definitely not about who has been in the industry the longest either. It’s about all the pages on your website that is the most relevant to the searcher. Knowing this handy tip, there are a few strategies that you, the small business owner can implement that can give you a foot in the door with your competition.

1.     Narrow your niche

One of the easiest strategies you can implement quickly is giving your small business a niche focus. Intuitively, you may think that more is better, but in this situation it’s the opposite.

Nonetheless, if you are trying to dominate your competitors, it is better to take a narrow niche focus, then focus on a wide variety of things. Meaning, if you are focusing on several areas of expertise, your keyword relevance will be a lot lower than someone focusing on one niche.

For example, let’s use Forever Writing. We focus on a variety of services, but as you can see, we focus more on SEO than copywriting, blogging, and much more. We do this because we don’t want to limit our visibility and want to rank much higher on search engines than our competitors.

2.     Long-tail Keywords

Now, that you got narrowed down your niche, long-tail keywords should be added into the mix. First is first, a long-tail keyword is just what you think it is; it is a phrase rather than a word or two. For example, women tend to write a paragraph while Googling rather than men, am I right? For example, a long-tail keyword would be “tips for businesses using SEO” rather than “SEO.” A tip to the wise, it is much easier to rank high with long-tail keywords rather than shorter keywords. Even if they may bring in less business traffic, but they are great because you are exactly what the consumer was searching for, resulting in a possible sale.

3.     Local Community

Another avenue to take advantage of is located right in your backyard. No, really, I mean it is really located in your backyard; your community!! This is a great way to get a step over your competition. Communities are becoming a vital part in today’s context.  It doesn’t matter if you do business internationally or even nationally, your niche can still attract many people who live right in your community.

For starters, local reviews on TripAdvisor, Yelp, and other local directories are wonderful when it comes to local SEO. Yelp and other local directories have a huge impact when it comes to boosting a business’s SEO. In fact, Yelp even ranks higher than the official web pages of companies, to be honest.

As any good thorough business owner probably found out the hard way, there are no shortcuts when you are trying to get your page in the top search engine rankings. When your competitors are dominating the playing field, it is time to fight back with resources they don’t have. Just because they may have the power, money, and experience doesn’t mean your resources are not as great as theirs. As long as you narrow down your niche, use long-tail keywords, and get out in your local community, you will slowly rise to the top of the playing field.


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5 Ways to Tune up Your SEO

SEO is very similar to a car. For example, for your car to work at its potential it will need a tune up and regular maintenance am I correct? Same thing goes for SEO, it worked in the beginning, but as time moves on it starts breaking down.

Now let’s compare your site to the parts of a car. The engine of the beast is your website. Your website is the power source for all SEO. Your SEO can be okay, but not as powerful as it once was, meaning just like a car, you need a quick, painless tune up. Here are 7 quick, easy repairs to make your website go from “okay” status to “roaring” status.

seo, car, tune up

Source: Geralt/Pixababy

Make your site secure

Many people don’t have a secure site. When you are handling personal information over your own business site, you need to have your site secure. This will drive customers to you rather than away from you.

Add above-the-fold images or videos with full optimization

Images and videos should be above the article. The reader should not have to dig to find them. They should be what the reader sees when they first land on your page. If they know there is a video for that particular story, chances are they will go to a site that offers the video first.

Create an image sitemap

Since images make your website or blog pretty, it is time to start utilizing them for more purposes than just that. Don’t fear, we will go more into detail about this at a later date.

Regularly review and request removals from your link profile

This is pretty crucial. This day and age, you don’t have the say where your site lands. Someone trying to scam people may just try and link your site to theirs. This is where the fun begins; you have to go through the motions to get your site unlinked from them.

Create keyword-specific URLs

Now if you are new to the whole SEO phase, you are probably scratching your head going I thought keywords were only for the content not URLs? Well, I hate to break it to you; they are also in URLs too. Don’t fear, if you use WordPress, it automatically does it.

Use your target keywords across the entire site

Your target keywords should be used throughout your entire site. Meaning, you should not stuff them into every nook and cranny either. Your content should also be easy to read.

So think of a normal content audit is like popping the hood of your car to take a peek at what needs to be attended to. Ignoring the signs for a tune up may end up needing a tow truck to pull your dying car away. Just remember, a happy car is also a well-taken care of the car. SEO will always be the same way and will need tune ups from time to time.

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