6 tips your 2015 SEO strategy must include

As I always tell everyone, SEO is always changing. Especially with their new updates, different trends, and new and improved strategies, it is something you always need to focus on.

Last year, there were 13 updates to Google’s Algorithm. These updates were the more popular and public ones, this is not including all the changes that were made behind the scenes daily.

My company, Forever Writing, is always looking for the new, updated SEO strategies to help our clients out. We decided to sit down and discuss some of the biggest changes that need to be addressed when talking about SEO.

Mobile Traffic

Remember back in 2012, when ComScore said that mobile traffic would surpass desktop traffic by the year 2014? Well, they were correct. Google always suggested that a responsive website can only provide the ultimate user experience by offering a “mobile-friendly” option.

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Source: Wikipedia

Optimizing for Search Engines

Some people are predicting that 2015 will be the year that search engines will take the market share. However, I don’t doubt for a second that, that isn’t possible.

It seems as if Firefox kicked Google out of the rink, and Yahoo seems to be a popular default search engine for Firefox. However, Google’s sweet deal also ends this year with Safari, and there are rumors that Yahoo and Bing are trying to gain that spot. Not to mention, iOS 8 and OS X, are giving consumers the option to switch default search engine from Google to DuckDuckGo.

As you can see, there are many other options besides Google. As they are getting more popular and accepted among the consumers, it is important to have visibility of each and every one of these.

ROI Metrics

Personally, keywords still have a big impact on the SEO game. There is no doubt about it at all, but now you have to incorporate ROI metrics. You don’t want to only rank number one for a specific keyword, but you want that to gain your business money.

Social Media

Back in the day, social media were only used to share their brand, so businesses would sign up for all social media sites. Now days, social media evolved to an awesome marketing channel. Your followers expect to engage with your brand on a more one on one level.

Let me let you in on a little secret, you can overdo social media. Yes, you can. You want to market your business, correct? Well, you want to also stay active and accommodating on social media too. You still want your brand and your customers to have that one on one relationship. When you are on all social media sites, you lose sight of that because you don’t spend enough time to flourish any of them.

So, my advice to you is stick to two or three platforms and actively pursue them. This will help you generate more sales, revenue, leads, and also build a great follower base to share your content.

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Source: Deviant Art/aha-soft-icons

Earn Links

Over the years, and through all of those updates, one thing remains the same: inbound links are a sign of authority and trust. This will never change, not even in 2015 or years to come.

Those days of building links to blogs that had nothing to do with your specialty are long gone. However, earning a link on a high-quality website that is relevant to your work is much more valuable. It attracts referrals, sales, leads, and branding exposure. You will notice that this year a more traditional PR and SEO tactic is in.

Precise Keywords

Another thing that finally lays to rest is targeting broad keywords. There is no doubt about it that they do bring in a high search volume, but they don’t always attract the audience you are looking for. Targeting long-tail search queries will not only attract potential customers, but these phrases will have a lot less competition.

A tip to the wise: keyword research combined with understanding a mind of a shopper of the customer you are trying to win can help you understand what search phrases and terms to go after.


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3 thoughts on “6 tips your 2015 SEO strategy must include

  1. [ Smiles ] SEO is always changing and it proves rather challenging to keep up with it.

    And, where Google is concerned, they are always rolling out updated version to both Penguin and Panda; it is up to us to become aware of those updates and implement the necessary changes.

    Although people are using Yahoo and Bing, Google is still the number one search engine.

    Thank you for sharing such an insightful post.

  2. […] some of you know, mobile traffic is rapidly taking over desktop traffic. Of course, that can be scary for those who don’t know how […]

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