7 Benefits of Hiring a Ghostwriter

In our earlier post about ghostwriting, we talked about what a ghostwriter will do for you, if you need one. However, we did not go over the benefits of hiring a ghostwriter, minus not having to write, of course.

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Benefits for using a Ghostwriter

1. No more stressing about writing your book.

2.  You’re now free to spend time marketing book rather than writing your book, which in return, will make you money once your book is out on the market.

3. You will receive a great error-free book.

4. You take all the glory and credit that comes from your book. As explained in yesterday’s post a ghostwriter is merely a ghost and no one knows that they wrote the book, but you.

5. Ghostwriters are known for their passion to write. This is great because there may be a chance that your book is done well before your scheduled deadline.

6. A ghostwriter understands the importance of marketability can can give you constructive feedback that will help your book in the long run.

7.  The best part about hiring a ghostwriter means you do not have to go through the entire process alone. Especially if this is your first time writing, it may be great for you to have a ghostwriter helping you out. Not to mention, they may inspire you to have a co-author in future books.

When hiring a ghostwriter, you will feel the weight of the world lifting off your shoulders because you no longer have to stress about the writing aspect and your time can be spent on the business side of things. You will have time to market, schedule interviews, and get the audience hyped up about your new book coming out.

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Do You Need a Ghostwriter?

“Should I hire a ghostwriter for my book?” That is the question authors frequently ask themselves. The not so simple answer is, “no, not necessarily.” But it does depend on a variety of things including:

1. Do you have time to write?

2. Do you enjoy writing?

3. Do you have a knack for writing?

4. Do you have enough discipline to finish your writing?

5. Will you put in your own research?

If you answered, “yes” to the questions above, I advise for you to give yourself a shot at writing your book and/or story. Of course, you will need to have an outline, a strict schedule, and discipline to meet deadlines. However, if you decide that this is all too much for you and you don’t think this will be a good fit after all, hiring a ghostwriter will be the next best option.

What Will the Ghostwriter do for you?

It all depends on the complexity of your topic. Ghostwriters will either write the book or they will collaborate with you. It all boils down to what you, the consumer wants to do.

If you want the ghostwriter to write the book for you, you will provide the ghostwriter with research, notes, periodicals, and any other information that you find important that the ghostwriter should know and have. Then the ghostwriter will draft chapters for you to look over, edit, and/or make suggestions.

Nonetheless, that is not the only way a ghostwriter can help you either. A ghostwriter can do whatever is convenient for you. They are there looking out for your needs because they have no stake in this whatsoever, as your name will be the one appearing on the book.

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Did you know ghostwriters can be found just about anywhere? Ghostwriters are generally freelance writers who specialize in the ghostwriting niche and you can find freelance writers just about anywhere on the internet.

Did you know there are some writing companies that offer ghostwriting services too? It is the same as finding freelance writers, companies who offer ghostwriting services can be found in any corner of the internet too.

Therefore, once you found your selection of companies and/or freelance writers, you will want to see their qualifications and/or portfolios. The best thing to do is always go with your gut reaction. Never pick the cheapest one because you will always get what you pay for. You want a ghostwriter that knows the ins and outs of ghostwriting along with someone who will do the job correctly the first time.


The cost of hiring a ghostwriter is negotiable and can depend on a variety of variables. For example, one variable can be how many pages/words will the book contain? Is there research involved? How much time will the project take? Is editing and proofreading included in the writing fees? Also is there consulting and marketing/PR included in the cost?

Most of the times ghostwriters will charge by the word, project, or by the hour. It just depends on a number of things. However, like I said before, this is always negotiable.

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What is a Ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter is someone who writes either a book or articles for someone else. The ghostwriter is paid a fee to write the material needed and they hand it over to the client. The ghostwriter, then signs over the work to the client, who in returns stamps their name on the work and claims it as their own.

There are plenty of reasons why someone hires a ghostwriter. A lot of celebrities from the media and/or sports hire a ghostwriter to write their own biographies. The celebrity usually does not have the time or the talent to write their own biography. Even celebrities who produce books usually hire a ghostwriter too, for the same reasons.

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One of the main skills a ghostwriter needs is the ability to grasp the personality of the client who they are writing for. If the writer is ghostwriting for a celebrity, the ghostwriter must grasp the personality of the celebrity. The finished product must read as if the celebrity had written it themselves.

Ghostwriters do not only write celebrity biographies. Ghostwriters write just about anything. A lot of companies actually hire ghostwriters to write their websites, blogs, brochures, newsletters, and anything else that needs to be written. The most important thing is the finished result must look as if it has been written by the company and knows everything about the company.

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