5 Tips for a Successful Night’s Sleep

Are you tired of always lying in bed every single night, tossing and turning, and trying to stay awake the following day? I know, I get tired of doing that on a nightly basis, but what if I told you, that you no longer had to endure such pain in your life anymore? You may want to consider trying these five  tips to help you get a great night’s sleep.

Get some exercise

Everyone always says exercising always makes everything better, which is 100% true. However, if you  exercise during your daily routine, you will see a huge difference in the amount and quality of sleep you will get each night. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to go off and run five miles a day either. Even just going out and walking together with your spouse or kids after dinner can also be considered exercise.

Cut out caffeine

Now, I am not saying to go cold turkey either. We know how well that goes, don’t we? It is one thing if you are a coffee lover and drink coffee in the morning and a few caffeinated drinks throughout the day; however, when it starts getting later into the evening, try and cut those beverages out. This is a pretty common reason why you may be having a hard time getting a good night’s sleep.

No work allowed in your bedroom

This one is a huge one. It may not seem as huge as the others, but it really is. I will be the first to announce, I do work from my bedroom. I don’t follow this one at all. Do I suffer from this? Yes, I do.

If you work at home like myself, then you know how stressful it can be. Working in your bedroom usually means you don’t have a home office,  or you feel more comfortable in your room. Well, for starters, if you are completing stressful tasks including paying your bills, dealing with taxes, or just plain old working that you can’t seem to get away from, you may want to try and move that portion of your life into your living room or kitchen. You should always try and keep your room for sleeping and sleeping only.

Keep your phone off

At night, you should always try to keep your bedroom free of your electronics. I know most people now use their cell phones as alarms, which is perfectly fine, but instead of having it on vibrate or loud, turn it on silent. Yes, turn it on silent and put the screen facing down, this will eliminate you from trying to check your phone to see if work contacted you, emails, and text messages.

Get into a routine

I know sometimes we tend to go to bed at random times, but if you establish yourself a bedtime like your parents did when you were growing up. Your body will get used to going to bed at that certain time, which will allow you to get tired. Of course, you won’t be able to go to bed at that time all the time, due to different events going on during your life. However, as long as your stick to that schedule 90% of the time, you will see a huge difference in your sleeping schedule.

Just by following these five tips, you will be on a way to a better night’s sleep. Just remember to always take out any and all distractions that may be in your bedroom before you head to bed. You want your room to be for sleeping not a place to worry about everything that happened that day or what will happen in the future.


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6 Tips to Keep Your Work-life in Balance

Have you ever felt that you are overwhelmed by the amount of work that you need to get done? Do you feel that it becomes a strenuous effort for you to even show up at work? If you answered yes to both questions, it seems you are having a work-life imbalance issue.  Unfortunately, it is quite easy in this day an age for you to get burned out through stress and anxiety. Luckily for you, there are many ways for you to bring back your work-life balance. Just check out these helpful tips.

Adhere to your schedule

For many people working involves working at home. Now, if you have never worked at home, then you really don’t understand that many of us work 24/7. We are always checking email, making phone calls, writing, and trying to secure new clients. I am not saying that those you that do not work from home don’t work 24/7, but you are not in the same environment like us. You get to transition to your home life and leave your work life behind for the day.

However, making sure that you work within your work schedule can be the best thing you do. If you are always extending your work, this is a first time that there is an imbalance. When working longer you are exposing yourself to more stress, which can potentially be harmful to you. That is why it is best to work a solid eight hours. Of course, you can always work less, if you wish, but the maximum should be eight hours. Once the work time is over, leave work behind. This is your time to relax and do what pleases you.

Put some down time in your schedule

How many of us have free time? Probably not many of us these days. We are so caught up in our work and I bet most of us work 24/7, which is not good for us at all. Next time you plan your week plan a day off. I mean a real day off, which means spending time with your family and/or children, go out and see the world. During this free day you should not do anything that has to do with work. Work will always be there the next day, so don’t worry about the emails, phone calls, and all the other things racing in your head because this is your day and you will go out and enjoy it to the fullest.

Don’t fall in love with adrenaline

We all know that adrenaline will keep your behind moving, but the extra energy will always tempt you into working longer. If you remember from earlier, working longer equals stress. We do not need the stress, correct? Aren’t we trying to get rid of all the stress that work and life can cause?

This is why you should keep your adrenaline levels stable because if not it can lead to depression, inability to relax, and even sleeping problems. Basically, in order for you to have a good work-life balance you need to keep your adrenaline levels in check.

Ask for other’s help

It is 100% ok to ask for others help. Sometimes we think we can handle so much, but in reality we cannot. We freak out once we see how much we really have to do. Asking for help can ease the tension. It will benefit you tremendously and you will see the results almost instantly.

Just say NO

As freelancers and independent contractors, we all know that it is either feast or famine. There is never a perfect balance. When the feast time comes along we tend to take everything that we can get because we know the famine time will be right around the corner.

Did you know it is okay to decline? I don’t mean to deny every job, but decline the jobs that don’t interest you, pay too little, stressful jobs, and ones that you believe will take a long time to complete.

Keep your Smartphone away

Whether you work from home or work in an office, we are all attached to our Smartphones. Don’t our employers know that we have lives to live too? Do they understand that we are not workaholics? The short answer is no. If they have important news they will email each and every one of us to tell us! Half the time we really do not care about this news because it usually doesn’t pertain to us. This is why once you get off of work don’t look at your work email. Forget about work because work will always be there in the morning. Once you step foot out of the door tell yourself that you are officially off of work and you will see it tomorrow.

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