Increase your website traffic with these 4 tips

I know your company is important to you. I know how hard it is to get good quality traffic coming to your website too. Of course, you’ve been probably scouring the internet to increase your traffic for the past few hours and haven’t found anything, but those get quick rich schemes for $99, am I right? Well, luckily for you, you found Forever Writing. Forever Writing specializes in SEO, which can also bring traffic to your site, but if you are looking for more of a do-it-yourself, here are four tips you can implement within 5 minutes.



When you are going to create content, you need to know the keywords people are going to use to search for said content. Every page should be built around the keywords that are vital to your company. This will require a lot of research and homework to perfect it.

Google can help you with your keywords. You know when you start typing into the search bar on Google, how it gives you suggestions for popular phrases and words people us to search. If you want to take it a little bit deeper, you can use the Google Keyword Planner, which will tell you all popular keywords. This tool will tell you pretty accurate numbers on how many average searches are performed on those keywords.

Image tags

Of course, the images are amazing, colorful, and add character to your website. However, in order for Google and other search engines to understand what the image are you need to tag your images. Basically, if there isn’t a tag or tags, Google will not know how to identify your image, and your image will be useless.

Meta description

A meta description can be found right under your URL on the search page. Its sole purpose is to give the consumer what the page is about, what will they learn, why should they click on it. You want your meta description to be engaging, truthful, and prompt the consumer to click on your link to find out more. It is wise to use call-to-action words such as “visit” and “learn” to engage people to find out why the information on your site is vital to their needs.


I cannot stress this enough. If you want to keep the consumer on your site, you need to backlink, backlink, backlink. You can backlink to your site, other content on your blog, and so much more. However, your backlinks should give your readers more useful information that can help build their relationship with you and your company. The more great information you provide, the more likely chance they will recommend your site and services to their friends and family.

These are just a few tips that can help you gain more traffic to your site. Of course, you won’t see the results overnight, but you will certainly relish the rewards later down the line.


Easy Tips to Improve Your Website’s SEO

Every small business owner’s dream is to have their website embedded properly with SEO. Well, the number one rule is to research before getting started. You don’t want to spend time on embedding ineffective strategies. Nonetheless, here are several easy tips to embed on your website:


Remember when I said the first rule of SEO is research, I really hope you didn’t think that was a joke of some sort. I wasn’t kidding; the first step will be researching what the best keyword(s) will be for your business. Without a proper keyword, any of your SEO campaigns will always fail without a doubt. Think of it this way, the keywords will be your foundation.

For example, let’s use the keyword phrase like “writing services.” This will more than likely be used by someone searching for information about various writing services. However, a keyword phrase such as “buy SEO writing services” will more likely be searched by someone who is defiantly ready to purchase SEO writing services.

Now, you should also know this important tidbit. Your keyword phrases that you choose should be specific to your company. They also should not have a marketing vibe to them. Don’t get me wrong, this is a part of marketing, but your keywords should not sound that way, instead they should sound like if you and your friend were having a conversation about your favorite shopping mall.

The Originality Rule

Now when it comes to the SEO game, originality is just that, do not duplicate content whatsoever. For instance, you don’t want to be just like your competition, you want to be unique. The entire point of SEO is for you to not only to be noticed, but for your company to stick out. When your industry is saturated with businesses, you want to grab people’s attention in a different light.

All this means is no copy and paste. Please, please, please, avoid that at all costs. Not only will you be plagiarizing, but that will hurt your company’s reputation.  Not to mention, mostly every single thing found on the internet is copyrighted.

Navigation and Internal Links

Did you know the way your site, flows also plays an important factor in your websites SEO? Yes, yes, yes, it does! Basically, the more often a page is linked to your website, the more PageRank flow it has, which results in a higher rank in the search-engine results.

Most webmasters and business owners, however, have no idea how their internal link flow is structured and are often surprised to learn that unimportant pages are ones that never stand a chance rank high in search-engines results (like contact pages) are cannibalizing the majority of their site’s PageRank flow. This offers major opportunities for improvement with relatively minor effort.

You will be surprised with how many people I speak to on a daily basis about this issue, and they have no clue whatsoever.  It should take the average person an hour at most to optimize your site’s navigation. You want to make sure that there is no duplicate content on your website. Your website should flow nicely. Now, what I tell people is to think of your dream house; does it flow nicely? How does it appear to you? Why do you like it? When optimizing your website think of your dream home and make any and all necessary changes.

Optimize Your Site’s Load Speed

Your site’s load speeds will mean everything. When doing research on just about everything, we are always in a rush. We tend to close out sites that take too long to load, am I right? Well, for the majority of people, that is the case. You want to keep load speeds to a minimum.

A good resource to check your website’s loading speed is Pingdom. Pingdom will give you a breakdown of each element that makes your website run and the time it takes for it to load. Using this resource, will help you optimize images, codes that are causing your site to load slowly. Also, you can always upgrade your web host from a shared server to a virtual private network or a dedicated server.

Resist Buying Links

Everyone thinks that having an overabundance of links are a great thing, so they will go out of their way and buy inbound links. Well, it is time to resist that temptation because both buying and selling links are against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

I don’t think I have to mention that the search engines are amazing at detecting suspicious, unnatural, and manipulative links. Now you are probably asking what do you do if you choose to buy or sell links. Well, your search engine rating will fall dramatically. It is wise to save your money and time on creating your very own content that will earn you your very own authentic inbound links.

Be natural

When it comes to SEO, a lot of business owners believe that they should keyword stuff all of their content. I hate to break it to you, but that is the wrong method, and who ever told you that needs to stop. All of your content, whether it is on your website or your blog should always sound natural. Of course, you should have your keywords in your material, but it should not sound as if a 5-year-old wrote it either.  When people are looking to use a service, they are not only looking to see who they can find on the search engine, but they are also looking for who is the most knowledgeable in the industry.

9 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

The goal for any blog owner is to get people to click, read, engage, and share among their friends — hopefully in that order. Enticing your readers to do just that will increase your business visibility and land you future sales. While there is no substitute for your writing quality, human, dynamic content, and knowing how to maximize your blog traffic can make

It’s all about the title

Little do you know, the title of your blog is the most important factor when trying to entice readers. Since this is the first thing the potential reader sees, a good title catches the reader’s attention, creates some controversy, plays off common sayings, has newsworthy keywords and/or names, hints at the conflict, delineates action, and sometimes proposes a question that the reader needs an answered too. Oh, and also remember it should be short, too because no one wants or has time for a million character name!

Add value

Your blog should have a purpose. The purpose could be to entertain, provide news, tell a story, or even help solve problems, but the information throughout your blog should add value to the internet and not just recycle information that you can find anywhere. Another thing to keep in mind is your readers, because they are the ones who will be reading your content for fun, information, or answers. However, that does not mean try so hard that no one wants to read your content either. Writing for your blog should be fun for you not a second job!

Memorable URL

Make sure you have a URL that your readers, customers, and investors will remember. However, that does not mean you should have a long URL either.  You should have a URL that is short, sweet, and to the point; but should also be memorable so they can visit again.

Bad Example:

Good Example:


Photos, Photos, Photos!

My mother always said that a picture is worth 1,000 words and boy was she right! Using photos engages your readers and this is exactly what we want. However, using your own images is important unless you source where you got your image from. Luckily for those who are not into photography you can easily get non copyrighted images here.

Personalize your photos

Does your business evolve around your pictures? Why don’t you put a stamp on your photos? You can use your name, company name, website, etc. No matter where your photo may appear it will act as an advertisement for you and your company, which will not only bring in more readers, but possibly more sales.

Bring out the giveaways!

As many of you know, you can entice readers by doing a giveaway. This truly works and I am talking from experience. Forever Writing currently did a giveaway two weeks ago and we not only got more followers, but we even got more sales! They did not hear from us by a simple Google search, they heard about us because of our giveaway and through word of mouth!

Many new business owners, tend to give their services away for free for a while to get their name out there, but this is not the way to go. In order to grow your business and reputation, has a giveaway here or there helped, but don’t get to giveaway friendly because chances are you will be working for free the entire time.

Post around notable dates.

Timing is everything when writing your business blogs, so keep informed of notable dates, events, and holidays. There are also plenty of whacky days (National Peanut Butter Day) and months to raise support for a cause (Breast Cancer Awareness Month.) Planning a blog around an upcoming holiday or season change (like back to school, spring cleaning, etc.) gives you plenty of time to get it posted and gain exposure with readers as the date approaches. The media also starts looking for these stories on short notice and may pick up your blog.

Timing is crucial when writing your blogs, so keep on top of notable dates, events, and even holidays. There are also a number of whacky days (National Peanut Butter Day) and months to raise support for a cause. This month is Aids Awareness Month. Planning blog posts around the upcoming holiday, event, or month allows you to gain exposure with readers as the date approaches. Not to mention the media look for stories on these holidays too, and may pick up your blog to share!

Keywords, Links, and high-quality content. Oh My!

Incorporate useful keywords into your blog, the same keywords that you readers will type into Google, Yahoo, Ask, and other search engines. Also add in some links from previous content that you have written into your new content because no one likes dusty, old, and forgotten pieces of work. However, this does not mean you should have 100 links in your 500 word blog post either. We want a good balance of links in your content.