Happiness: Focus on the present

The topic of happiness seems to come up in a lot of conversations today. It doesn’t matter what the subject is at hand because in the end, it leads to happiness. The reason behind all of this is, is everyone’s goal is to be happy.

It seems like when people talk about finding true happiness, they seem to believe happiness will somehow, someway walk into their life. Happiness doesn’t wait on us. As a matter of fact, happiness isn’t an object or a destination. Now you are probably asking yourself what is true happiness?

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Well, it seems like some people speak of happiness like it is a choice. However, in a sense this is true. You are the only one that can make you happy.  It is completely your choice if you choose to be happy, or not.  Nonetheless, building a habit of choosing to reminisce on the good things in life is an excellent way to strengthen your positive feelings.

On the other hand, some people speak of happiness as a state that occurs when they are doing the things they enjoy and love. You can use this approach to happiness; there is no issue with that because it brings the good things in your life as a positive action.

Therefore, there is one vital thing that both of these approaches share: they both concentrate on your mind during the present time.

I know being in the present is not always easy, but that is where the happiness will come from. We all have our own demons we are fighting, but you cannot live in the past or future.  The past may have some awesome memories, but how can they help you now? Not to mention, the future, may look dreadful, if you are in a sticky situation, but does that stop you from being happy?

Your imagination is a powerful tool. Your mind comes up with an infinite number of possibilities of where we should be, where we need to be, and everything in between. However, at the same time, these scenarios can bring stress, pain, and sadness into our lives. Instead of allowing your mind take control, it is time you take control. Look around, count your blessings, and immerse yourself in your life now. Live for today, look at all of your accomplishments and failures. At the end of the day, do what brings you joy and happiness.

Question: How will you make yourself happy?

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