Writers: Career Burnout

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Today, we are going to talk about a topic that many writers, even us, deal with on a daily basis. Career burnout is a real thing. We sadly face these challenges quite often because we put forth high and unrealistic expectations that end up going bad.

In reality, we don’t get that writing shouldn’t need to have these high expectations. As you know, the writing process takes time, work, and self-discipline to be successful. Of course, this entire process tends to get us down in the dumps, and we feel as if we are not good enough.

How To Know If You’re Suffering Writing Burnout

Let’s get this out in the open first; burnout is not the same as writer’s block or procrastination. We all have those days where we rather be a couch potato. However, if you are constantly avoiding your work, suffering from aches and pains, and feeling a bit disillusioned, you may be feeling the side effects of career burnout. Now, before you decide it is time to toss your laptop out the window or run it over, please consider the following.

Success & Failures

What writers tend to do more so than others , is letting their failures and successes define who they are. We believe every rejection is just another nail in the coffin. In reality, we should never let that happen. We should know that not every article or book was accepted the first time. The best writers are the ones who keep going even when they get a rejection.

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Be Positive

I’ve talked to many writers, and even have writers hire us for work they think doesn’t A.) look good B.) is a piece of garbage and C.) they can’t take it anymore. When you have this negative mindset, you are only setting yourself up for failure. You need to take out all the negativity and bring in the positivity. Even if your work does not seem the way you want it, take a step back, doing something else and return. Always, always, always, return with a fresh mind and eyes.

Keep Your Expectations & Goals Realistic

This may be a hard one for many. Most of us have full-time jobs and write on the side. With that and our other daily demands can make it hard on our writing career. You always want to sit down review the goals you set for yourself and change them accordingly to the time, schedule, and demand that you have. Once you found your perfect schedule, stick to it and you will slowly see the rewards it will bring.

Find the Balance

This sort of goes with the above point; finding a perfect balance will help a lot. You want to have time to write and to have time for yourself. Without having any “me” time, you are essentially always on the go. When you are always on the go, it causes stress, fatigue, and bad moods. You want to avoid this at all costs. You want some time to recharge and feel like you are human.

Good Night’s Sleep

You don’t know how many writers I have spoken to, who say they don’t sleep or they sleep very little. Are you crazy? Sleep is very much needed, no matter what profession you are in. Getting a good night’s sleep helps you recharge and gets you going for your next day of work.

Before you get career burnout, you will need to take control of your life. Make a schedule, set goals that can be easily attainable, focus on what is good in life and not the bad, and most importantly take care of you. There is no reason why you should feel burnt out when you are doing something that you love the most.

Question: What do you do when you are in your rut?


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