Writers Guilt

Here at Forever Writing, we do not only work with business owners; we also work with a variety of writers. Most of the time, they come to us because they feel guilty of writing too much for what little money they get. We all know that feeling; at least I do first hand. You get paid a small amount for a piece that could take weeks to write. You start telling yourself why? Why do you keep doing this day in and day out? Does this sound familiar to you? Whether if you are a writer or not, rest assured you are not alone in this journey; just about every writer, even a business owner feels this way at least once in their career.  Luckily, there is great news, you can learn to overcome that horrible feeling and discover the rewards of writing.

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For some, thinking of writing as your calling can ease the guilt. No one can feel guilty about spending time doing something that they’re destined to do. If you are supposed to be writing, then write. Go ahead, don’t worry about the time it takes you to complete a project. Writing is more than a paycheck to some, writing is knowledge, a creative outlet, and can bring tremendous joy.

Making a list of long-term and even short-term goals can be helpful no matter what you do in life. A perfect example of a short-term goal is perfecting grammar. While on the other hand, a long-term goal could be finishing a book. The main point of this is, by making a list of both long-term and short-term goals and working through the list, you will be able to notice that there will be no wasted time. With each item you cross off your list, you should be proud of yourself for your accomplishments. Once you finish the first list, start making a second one, which should keep the guilt away.

Don’t be scared to tell people that you are a writer. If you are anything like me, your work has appeared throughout the internet.  So, my question to you is why would you spend so many hours trying to be a writer when you already are? You are a writer; why try to keep it a big secret. You should be proud that you are a writer, if someone doesn’t like that you are a writer, so be it.

I know a lot of writers that think just because they are a writer; they are not as productive as the next person. Sadly, that is wrong, Wasting Time Survey conducted a study by Salary.com, a typical employee will spend about 1.7 hours a day on nonproductive activities, including surfing the net, taking long breaks, and socializing. Now, you are probably asking what makes you different? For starters, writers usually don’t have coworkers to distract us. Besides not having coworkers, the process to write takes time, which means we tend to make good use of every hour in our day. In hindsight, it doesn’t matter if it takes us hours to construct a perfect paragraph, because we are being productive. When you compare yourself against the typical employee, you have no reason whatsoever to feel guilty.

One last thing, remember how your teachers would always say “persistence pays off?” It definitely applies to writers too. Not only will all your hard work and dedication make you a stronger writer, but you will also be gifted with respect and confidence; which in return will increase your chances tremendously becoming successfully published over and over again. Now it is time to get rid of all your guilt and get back to your production work. It is officially time to write your heart out!

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