SEO Tip: Citations

If you are running a small business, particularly with a local focus such as self-storage, dentistry, accounting, legal, and were looking into running a SEO campaign, you probably ran into a term “web citations” or “citations.” Now while you have that deer in headlights look on your face, let’s clarify SEO citations.


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What are Citations?

First is first, Google doesn’t have their version of a speeding ticket. Thank goodness, right? The kind of citation that Google is talking about having a better outlook. A citation basically means any time someone mentions your company on their very own website. You can also call it a reference, mention, or shout out, but in SEO terms it is known as a citation.

How are citations good for your business?

To start off with, citations are amazing for your business; no matter what effect they may have on your online marketing campaign. Anytime someone references your business on their site, they are bringing awareness to you and essentially providing you with free exposure to potential clients and/or customers. However, when it boils down to SEO there can be an added dimension, which consists of Google and the other search engines pay very close attention to citations, and the more you have, the better your site will rank for searches related to where you are and what you do.

How Do I Get Citations?

Getting citations is not very difficult at all, but I do want to express it will take some time. It will also require you to send out emails, invest a lot of time, and most importantly make phone calls. However, just like everyone, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. If you invest your time, you will soon see results, whether it is in your SEO, or in your own back yard.

How have your business received citations? Did you get creative to get them? Share your experience in the comments.

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