Think Outside the Box

Have you noticed when we have a story idea, we tend to focus on very quickly as to which part of the story to tell and how we will tell it? Most of the time there will be a much more interesting and even fresher version out of sight, waiting to be found by our creative minds.

For example, we will use the idea of a comedy-drama in which two sisters fall in love with the same man and both them try to win his heart and it escalates until the one sister ends up kill the other over this man.

The first idea that ends up popping into each of our heads is to write the story in chronological order– they meet, fall in love, and the slaying.

While that could be an interesting story and all, it is worth thinking about other aspects of the story and other ways to tell it.

One way to start out the story could be having the police respond to calls reporting the murder, where we see that one of the sisters are dead, but don’t know which one, and then flash back to how it all began.

Another way you can start the story is to start in the future. You can set the story to start a couple years in the future and a have the one sister tell a recollection of what had happened. This can make it really interesting, not only to you, but to your readers.

Of course, there are other ways to start your story, but it is ultimately up to you to decide how you will structure it. Next time an idea pops into your head generate several different alternatives to your story and pick the one you like most.

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One thought on “Think Outside the Box

  1. Bailey says:

    That is a great point. There are lots of ways to approach a story that give it a fresh start even if the themes or ideas are traditional.

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