Wait… You’re a Copywriter or a Copyrighter?

I love when I get asked, “What is a copywriter?” Want to know why? People tend to get copyrighter and copywriter confused, unless you are a writer yourself and know the lingo. This can be quite a task to explain it to my non-writing friends, but this can also be a valuable lesson to some.

Now copyrighting is the process of creative ownership of intellectual material. For instance, an article such as this one or even a book, that assigns a legal penalty for profiting from another’s work. In other words, this work is protected, by law, from plagiarism.

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Source: Wikimedia

Now, on the other hand, a copywriter is one who writes and edits copy or already written material. Some do this for a living while others dabble in this here and there. Most copywriters will develop content for websites, sales letters, articles, books, and other entertainment. You need to sell a service? Hiring a copywriter will be beneficial to you.

Even though I own Forever Writing I still call myself a freelance copywriter. I honestly do not know why. I guess I like the ring to the name. However, you can find me writing advertisements, websites, product descriptions, and many other things.

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4 thoughts on “Wait… You’re a Copywriter or a Copyrighter?

  1. Andie says:

    Too funny! No one’s ever made that mistake before with me, but who knows if they were thinking it! Darn homophones will getcha every time.

  2. I never had that problem either, but then again you never know when this may happen. I just thought this may be a good topic to cover just in case this issue may arise.

  3. Bailey says:

    Homophones do create some interesting topics of conversation or in this case blogging.

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