2013 In Review

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Have a successful 2014!

This post is going to be a little bit different than most because as individuals and companies we always seem to focus on what we NEED to do and what we DID NOT do. I want to take some time out of today and write what we DID.

Forever Writing is still a work in progress as many of my good friends would know. We opened up shop in September of this year, got our own domain name by November, and our blog shortly after. As I am writing this down on paper it does not seem like I accomplished much, but then looking at how much I made within my first couple of months with this company versus how much I spent I think I am doing quite well for myself.

Let’s be honest with one another, establishing a business is hard and can be quite scary to most people. Which can make people shy away from the thought because everything is literally on you. You need to have a plan in place to keep moving forward, you need to market, you need to know what you are worth. You no longer have others doing all that for you and you just show up for work. This is all on you. You need to figure out everything.

However, I would love to thank the library down the street for supplying all of my business books. Yes, I read all of them… Well, skimmed them when starting up. I also would like to thank the wonderful ladies in WPLH too. I would not be here without any of my support and/or resources.

What to expect next?

In the upcoming New Year, I expect to flourish. In order to flourish I may run into obstacles along with way, which is completely fine with me because this is a learning experience. I don’t expect to have a wonderful moneymaking business over night either. I do expect to be wiser in a year from now, which will ultimately come from the experience.

I hope everyone has a safe and a Happy New Year! Do not forget to take a moment and think about what you accomplished this New Year!



2 thoughts on “2013 In Review

  1. Rachel says:

    I write because it’s the only way I’ve ever been heard. I couldn’t imagine it any other way. .

    • I will be honest with you, when I first started this writing adventure (in 2011) I hated writing. I was decent at, but I hated it. I rather sell my soul than write, haha. Now that I have been it three years, I love writing. I could not imagine a day where without writing. Writing makes up a lot of who I am.

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