Hating to Write

Everyone in college hates writing those pesky term papers. That is why most of the time students buy, borrow, or steal their term papers instead. Plagiarism is now so common that if teachers flunked every student who did it, we’d have a handful of students left. On the rare occasions a student decides to actually write their own paper, they say it takes them into the wee hours of the morning to complete.

Little do we know, teachers hate grading term papers as much as students hates writing them. Teachers say it can easily take up to 15 hours to mark all their students’ papers and most of the time their students just put some words together and call it good. They don’t even want to mention their students’ horrendous grammar.

Then when the student gets back their paper they see that their teachers’ comments are insulting, cruel, biased, or even a joke! When in reality, the teachers’ comments on the paper are just the opposite because teachers do not have enough time (or get paid enough) to insult each and every one of their students. However, not all students find their teachers’ comments insulting and these are the students who still write their own papers and care about their GPAs, but those are very few to come by now.


Why are both students and teachers hate term papers? That question is easy to answer, to be honest. Students hate writing them because they truly do not know how to write anymore. We can thank texting, instant messaging, and the entire electronic industry for that. Students are caught up in their text lingo that they do not know how to properly form a complete sentence. Yes, that is sad to say, but it is 100% true. When they are in English class they think writing in text talk is acceptable, which in return makes the teachers dread grading papers because the students are not putting what he or she taught them to good use. I don’t blame them for hating the paper grading part because I would too.



When you were in school did you hate writing papers too?



5 thoughts on “Hating to Write

  1. Chrystal M. says:

    I’ve spent the last 5 years working on my BA and MBA. I literally did nothing but write papers. Most of the students in my class were older so none of them seemed to mind much. My classes were online and we had to visit the Blackboard system for classwork and communication. You could certainly tell the difference between the different generations, especially when I was an undergrad. I can’t begin to tell you how many professors had to remind students that we are in a professional environment, much of the communication in Blackboard was graded and that textspeak was not tolerated.

    • I took all of my writing intensive classes last semester and let me say how many people do not know how to write a sentence let alone a paragraph. No wonder why teachers took forever to grade our work! I would too, if I had to put up with that.

  2. Leisa Good says:

    I actually enjoyed writing term papers, but back in the day there was no Internet, so you it was much harder to “beg, borrow or steal”. Not that there weren’t ways to do it or people to see–just no Internet or iPads!

    However, I was actually one of the people who did enjoy writing term papers and would try to get it done as soon as possible! While we didn’t have “texting talk”, we were reminded to please write professionally. Grammar would count as part of the grade.

    • I hear you on that Leisa! I am in college now and let me tell you how many times I can easily copy and paste a sentence and find it on an entirely different site.

      With that being said, I hate writing term papers or any papers in general. (Unless the topic is something I am passionate about. ie psychology, different types of literature, and sometimes science) I can pop out 10 high-quality articles in the time it takes me to write one term paper. Not to mention, the term papers are not that long either.

      • Leisa Good says:

        I guess some things never change! Yes, you know the old saying about history repeating itself.

        Also when I am passionate about something–like you–I can really pop the articles out! I tend to procrastinate when I am not that passionate or knowledgeable about the subject.

        Great article, Amanda. Brought back a lot of memories! Both good and bad.

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