6 Ways to Improve SEO Without Pulling Out Your Beautiful Hair

A lot of times small business owners, like myself do not have enough time in a day to finish all work necessary. That is why sometimes our sites can slowly decline, but thankfully it can be an easy fix with SEO. What if I told you that Forever Writing offers SEO writing and can boost your traffic?

Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO) is a simple procedure that allows your website to get more traffic by making it extremely easy for search engines to grab what your website is focused on. The one thing that many new business owners do not quite get yet is search engines only read the HTML or JavaScript statements from your site. This means it is your task to tell the search engines exactly what you are all about!

Lucky for you, the consumer, there are a number of ways to improve your SEO. Not to mention there are even some simple steps you can take to help you reach more traffic without even pulling out your hair.


Source: Flickr/Paloma Gómez

Clean up time

As mentioned up above, the ultimate goals is to have your website organized for search engines to easily navigate. Let’s put it this way, when you are looking for a house you want everything to be prim and proper and easy to see without the clutter, am I correct? Well, that is what a search engine does too. He is kind of like a prospective buyer looking to purchase the house.

I know, I know sometimes life gets in the way of your organizational habits. If you are as messy as your desk, here are a couple tips to help you get your website back on track:

  • Make sure your ‘About us’ is on your ‘About us’ page and so on.

  • Have a blog? Make sure all your internal links are functioning properly. Not to mention, always link back to previous content!

  • You have navigational links? If you do not, then you better go put some on your page! We can’t navigate successfully without those!

Your new friend, Keywords

Now this part is tricky for a lot of new business owners because you are probably more concerned about getting your site up, marketing, sales, and everything else. However, before you can do all of those joyful things have you defined your target market? If you have not, this is the time to think about it because SEO will not work for you , if you do not possess a target market in mind.

Now for those of you who already know your target market, I want to say good job and keep up the good work! When you are deciding what your keywords to optimize you should keep it specific to your market. Luckily for us there are many tools around that can help determine which keywords would be effective for each page of the your website. Once you have found which keywords will work best for you, you will begin seeing an increase in traffic.

A few tips you should keep in mind when selecting keywords are:

  • Keep your keyword relevant to what your page is about. You do not want to draw in a crowd that is not interested in what you do.

  • Always determine your competition and find out what keywords they are using and use keywords that they do not.

  • Also aim for some high volume keywords too, but again, you will want to check with your competition.

  • Use keywords that will result in conversions rather than views.

God did not give you those Meta elements for nothing

We do not have Meta elements for nothing, you know! Better start getting yourself acquainted with your new best friends. Meta elements are used in HTML and XHTML. They provide a structured metadata for every single page of your website. Even including a short Meta description or even Meta keywords it gives search engines more information on your website, which in result, improves SEO.

Time to get social

Using social media for SEO purposes can do magic when it comes to increasing traffic to your website. Yes, I know you probably heard that, but how many of you actually do it? A lot? Well, how many of you actively do it? Not many! Well, you better dust off your Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ now! Not only does your business get exposure, but it also attracts links and encourages people to share it with their friends, and their friends, and even their friends.

Did you know that there are always new ways to post to new social media sites? As with SEO, you must always stay up-to-date to reap the rewards.

Here are a few helpful tips for you, if you don’t get quite the social media world:

  • Let your presence be known on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+

  • Use that darn hashtag symbol (#)! This is will allow those interested in what you are selling to fall right into your lap. Yes, some say it is annoying, but to get more traffic and money, why not?

  • Have share buttons on every one of your pages, so viewers can share with their friends and their friends, friends!

  • Stay relevant people!

Be friendly with new people

Now this may be having you scratch your head thinking, “Why am I being told to make new friends?” Well, you cannot write your own recommendation letters, now can you? Yes, use your friends for glowing reports! Many of times if you do such a fabulous job or sell a fabulous product consumers will blog about you. This is good, I mean this is fantastic! You want this type of recognition because it allows their followers know that you are a ‘must-have’ item and gives you an A++ for your effort.

If you are mentioned in blog posts or anywhere else for that matter, what you will want to do is backlink to them! Especially, if it was a review of your company because 99.9% of the times good reviews can sway a client to use your services over another service that they were torn between.

Spruce up your images with text

Search engines can only read text, so narrating your images can give you a leg up from your competition. Always insert your targeted keywords into the alternative text box when adding images because this will help your friend, search engine get a better version of what you are really about.

When it is all said and done, the most important thing to do is give it a shot, even if you don’t have amazing keywords, links, and friends. If it does not pan out the way you hope you can always stop at Forever Writing and get an estimate on how much the job will be.


8 thoughts on “6 Ways to Improve SEO Without Pulling Out Your Beautiful Hair

  1. Chrystal says:

    I have websites where I didn’t bother to mess with SEO (because I just couldn’t be bothered with it) and I did my best with photos, links and friend making. I never worked really hard at it. I wanted it to be more like an old-fashioned blog and a lot less like a website. It still makes me money. Of course over the years you pick up on SEO, then Google changes its Keyword Tool, and folks scramble to pick up the pieces. At the end of the day, quality content and networking are going to be your best friends. They are the only things that continue to roll with the punches.

  2. Rachel says:

    Bookmarked. I’m totally needing all of this info with my own site. Great post!

  3. Leisa Good says:

    It is amazing how blog owners always forget about the hash tag. Also, using tags on their photos when including them in their blog post. Excellent post about the many ways to use–and properly use–SEO. Thanks for making it simple to understand.

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